Miracles I Have Witnessed!

It says in the scripture, in Mark 11:23 “to have the faith of God”. What is the faith of God and how did I really first experience it. Romans 4:17 say “that even God, who gives life to the dead … Read More

Restored from MS-caused Mobility Limitations

A woman in Australia dealt with a debilitating Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis until receiving total healing after prayer at one of our meetings. … Read More

Healed from Extreme Pain

Nov. 8, 2009 “I had a condition for which I was told there was no cure, and which the doctors said would cause pain and a measure of disability for the rest of my life. I hadn’t sat down or … Read More

Miraculous Healing

Jan. 30, 2009 The following report just came of miraculous healing a number of years ago at services in Canada. We have only just now received the report “My family and I were in your service in Calgary years ago, … Read More

Ministry in California

Many people were touched by God at meetings that Rafi led in California. Aug. 2, 2009 The ministry of Rafi and Carol is very vital for the Body of Christ today. Their ministry has addressed major issues in my life … Read More

God Healed My Heart

“At the Rafi Cohen Meeting in Campbell River Feb. 27, 1999 God healed my heart. The doctors had told me a few years ago that part of my heart was enlarged and that in 10 years I would probably be … Read More

Frenchman’s Leg Restored

This precious man had a crushed knee from an accident 20 years ago. His knee was pinned; the pins did not allow any movement. The Lord removed the pins and restored his leg in less than a minute. 

Free from a Hemophilia-like Disease

In 2004, a young woman and her mother attended a time of worship in the home of Rafi & Dr. Carol. The mother told us that for years this lovely teen had suffered from a hemophilia-like disease. She had gone … Read More

Long-standing Hernia Healed

Aug. 1, 2012: Ron, listen: remember I asked for healing one night on the phone [during weekly Teleconference with Pastor Ron] for my hernia and some other lady said she was in agreement and you prayed? Well it looked the … Read More

Breakthrough After Attending Teleconference

Aug. 9, 2012: On Saturday I was digging a hole for a post for a gate to be installed on my farm. It was hot and I could not break the surfaces; it had many rocks and pebbles. I was … Read More