Journey To The Heavenlies

Around 2011 I was going through a dark time in my life. I was in a desperate state; my relationship, my business, many things were going down. I petition the Lord for help and He gave me a scripture that … Read More

Healed from extreme pain

Nov.8, 2009  “I had a condition for which I was told there was no cure, and which the doctors said would cause pain and a measure of disability for the rest of my life. I hadn’t sat down or slept … Read More

Miraculous Healing

Jan. 30, 2009 The following report just came of miraculous healing a number of years ago at services in Canada. We have only just now received the report “My family and I were in your service in Calgary years ago, … Read More

Many people touched by God

June 2009 Many people were touched by God at recent meetings that Rafi led in California. Here are some reports: “God did a miracle on my feet. He restored my feet from bunions…” E.O. Daly City, CA   God touched … Read More

God healed my heart

“At the Rafi Cohen Meeting in Campbell River Feb. 27, 1999 God healed my heart. The doctors had told me a few years ago that part of my heart was enlarged and that in 10 years I would probably be … Read More

Free from hemophilia-like disease

In 2004  A young woman and her mother attended a time of worship in the home of Rafi & Dr. Carol. The mother told us that for years this lovely teen had suffered from a hemophilia-like disease. She had gone through … Read More

French-man Leg restored

This precious man had a crushed knee from an accident 20 years ago. His knee was pinned; the pins did not allow any movement. The Lord removed the pins and restored his leg in less than a minute. 

Healed from thyroid cancer

Aug.8, 2008     At a worship service at the home of Rafi & Dr. Carol, a young woman who attended reported she suffered from thyroid cancer, fibromyalgia, lethargy, and depression. She received ministry as God moved strongly among us. The following … Read More

God improve young man learning’s ability

Aug.26, 2008    Dr. Carol asked 3 prayer partners to pray for a college student who has had a mental block in a math course. He has not been able to understand his professor’s lectures, the textbook, or a tutor as … Read More

What Can I Deduct as a Business Expense?

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