Aug. 9, 2012:

On Saturday I was digging a hole for a post for a gate to be installed on my farm. It was hot and I could not break the surfaces; it had many rocks and pebbles. I was having problems that day. I felt beaten and at the same time was talking to our God about these struggles. I referenced the hard breaking surface to my life and quit after a half hour of digging. I barely dug out 3 inches of dirt.

The next evening we came together in fellowship via the Teleconference [topic was “Moving Mountains of Debt.”] Martha and I prayed and I felt relieved. I was happy to get back to work. Within minutes I broke the hard surface and dug almost 2 feet into the ground. My child was next to me and said how the dirt looks ‘like a big mountain.’ I smiled and felt in my heart as if God gave me a message that all will be well. Praise God! Blessings in Christ

– Eric

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