Many people were touched by God at meetings that Rafi led in California.

Aug. 2, 2009

The ministry of Rafi and Carol is very vital for the Body of Christ today. Their ministry has addressed major issues in my life and brought resolve and empowering for me to be more than an overcomer. Each time they come to minister they bring healing to another part of my life. I am deeply grateful for their loving and caring hearts to broken people.

– Charles K. Goodley

Gilroy, CA

June 2009

God did a miracle on my feet. He restored my feet from bunions…

– E.O.

Daly City, CA

God touched “an arm broken long ago.”

– Anonymous


God healed a fracture.

– Anonymous

Tenia un dolor en la espalda debido a desperfecto en mis pies, pero el dolor fue sanado completemente poe El Senor Jesucristo.

– Anonymous

Palo Alto, CA

Within 20 years I have been in 6 car accidents, each time I was rear-ended. At age 50 I lived in chronic pain: migraines, neck & back pain, carpel tunnel, shoulder & arm pain, as well as knee pain. Today I felt the touch of Yeshua in a mighty way. I could feel a deep touch internally. I feel such a release; the pain is not present.

– Anonymous
San Jose, CA

I experienced great Light and great freedom…abundant love and joy, like the Lord poured pitchers of His grace, love, and healing into me.

– Anonymous

The Lord’s burning anointing was all over me. I felt His healing in my body and eyes. I feel great and believe my diabetes, blood circulating problem and eye problems are healed.

– R.N.
Modesto, CA

March 2009

We met Rafi in 1999 at Kings Way, Pismo Beach, CA. His testimony & teachings turned us from a life of darkness into eternal light. Praise God and blessings over you and your ministry.

– R.S.
Atascadero, CA

I came in with sore throat and cough. I have no more pain or cough when I left.

– C.M.
Gilroy, CA

I asked for prayer for my arms. I’ve had 10 surgeries in my arms and problems in my stomach. I was prayed for and immediately my stomach calmed down. He began to pray for my neck & spine & already my legs became even & my neck & lower back feel better. I didn’t know there was problems in my low back.

– C.L.
Gilroy, CA

Oct. 2008

We ministered in the Sacramento, CA, area for about 10 days. We are now getting reports of many supernatural healings: a lady who was infertile just got back her positive pregnancy report! The couple is jubilant. A man says he was healed of heart disease; a couple people of arthritis; several big emotional issues were healed in individuals: we could all see them change before our eyes…one was an ex-pilot suffering from trauma. We also felt the Lord touch a lady with MS. We are waiting to hear what her report is. At Rafi’s prior meeting in Sacramento last spring, a child’s cross-eyes were made straight. The child at first couldn’t figure out why her glasses weren’t working, then she took them off, and could see fine.

During the Healing Crusade, I went to Pastor Rafi for pain in my lower back. The first thing he asked me was to sit up straight in a chair which I did. Unbeknownst to me, one of my legs was about one inch shorter than the other. … In a matter of what seemed like one minute I witnessed, along with many others, my leg grow right out before my eyes. It was a beautiful experience I will never forget. Praise the Lord for my healing!

– Anonymous
Marlene, California

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