June 2009: Many people were touched by God at recent meetings that Rafi led in California. Here are some reports:

“God did a miracle on my feet. He restored my feet from bunions…”

Daly City, CA


God touched “an arm broken long ago.”

Redwood City, CA


Healing of a fracture.



Healing of pain in back:

“Tenia un dolor en la espalda debido a desperfecto en mis pies, pero el dolor fue sanado completemente poe El Senor Jesucristo.”

Palo Alto, CA


Woman received sense of taste and smell . She had neither before:

“Senor, gracias tedoy, por mi sanacion de mi palador y mi olfato.”

Redwood City, CA


“Within 20 years I have been in 6 car accidents, each time I was rear-ended. At age 50 I lived in chronic pain: migraines, neck & back pain, carpel tunnel, shoulder & arm pain. Also knee pain. Today I felt the touch of Yeshua in a mighty way…I could feel a deep touch internally…I feel such a release…the pain is not present.”

San Jose, CA


“I experienced great Light and great freedom…abundant love and joy..like the Lord poured pitchers of His grace, love, and healing into me.”



“The Lord’s burning anointing was all over me…I felt His healing in my body and eyes. I feel great and believe my diabetes, blood circulating problem and eye problems are healed.”

Modesto, CA

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