Nov. 8, 2009

“I had a condition for which I was told there was no cure, and which the doctors said would cause pain and a measure of disability for the rest of my life. I hadn’t sat down or slept in my bed for 8 months because both activities caused muscle spasms. I used a cane or walker when navigating out of doors, had to lie down when being transported in a vehicle, couldn’t lift a jug of milk from the driveway to the house, had significant difficulty bending due to muscle spasms in the pelvic floor and had a painful abdominal distention. I used a long handled ‘grabber’ to pick-up items from the floor. The severe spasms weakened the muscles of the pelvic floor and caused a bladder prolapse. I was taking 900mg of Gabapentin a day to down regulate pain signals related to a nerve entrapment. I spent a great deal of time each day doing muscle releases to keep muscle tone down, and couldn’t even slightly tighten either my abdominal or pelvic floor muscles without precipitating a cascade of spasms. Because my condition was getting worse, my future ability to stay employed and to live independently in my home was being challenged.

I didn’t feel anything at the time when I was prayed for on Oct 3rd, by both Ron and Dr. Carol, but in the days that followed, I noticed that I was getting better.  I went to a return appointment at the Chronic Pain Centre to see a specialist on Oct 6th, and both the specialist and resident doctor acknowledged that I’d had a miracle healing. The specialist told the head nurse of the team to which I’d been assigned, that I’d had a miracle healing, and she called me the next day from the Centre to get the Cohen’s name and contact information. By the end of the first week I was off all of my pain medication and not using either my cane or walker.  I’ve since walked a couple of miles without any difficulty. I can sit down and am sleeping in my bed, can wear high heels, carry my groceries, do yard work and am presently working out on exercise equipment. I couldn’t be more thankful for being delivered from a future being in long term care.

The worship in the meetings was very wonderful, and the sermon series by both Ron and Carol have changed my life forever.  I use the concepts that they taught us in my daily prayer life.  I had the opportunity to see both Ron and Carol outside of the meetings, and found them to be very sincere in their devotion to the Lord and to people. They are true treasures and it’s been a blessed privilege to meet both of them. The beauty of their lives continues to minister to me when I reflect upon the conference.”

Catherine Kellendonk
Okotoks, Alberta, CANADA

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