Feb. 2010

The LORD lengthened my right leg…my pain is gone.

– Anonymous
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The 82 year old lady …was knitting at Christmas after Ron prayed for her disabled hand.

– Anonymous
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Oct. 5, 2009

I’ve been on drugs for about 12 years….My sister who had cancer was healed of God two months ago. I just want to give thanks to you two and and to God. Thank you.

– anonymous
Bowdin, Alberta, Canada

There is so much to say!! The day before I learned of you, I experienced a total divorce from my husband. I was broken-hearted and did not fully know the Lord. Ron & Carol, you dropped a flyer at my Mom’s Store. She gave me the flyer – I knew I was to come! You did minister on the broken-heart and womanhood! The whole experience has been beyond words. I come from a New Age background and the Lord has fully come upon me. I asked to know the “truth” and He has shown me.

– Shelley Hendricks
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

In 1996 at downtown Calgary through the Grace of God and Ron Cohen’s ministry team I received a powerful healing of my lower back. This injury [had been] confirmed as a herniated disc by medical professionals and it was suggested I  have surgery. I was a nurse at this time.

– Crystela Sinclaire
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Carol prayed for the return of all the pieces of our hearts – I was so blessed with the spirit of joy. The teaching was so enlightening. I have never heard this kind of teaching. Also Ron prayed for my arm and it grew probably 2″ about 3 times then leveled out – Amazing. Thank you, Lord.
Susan Dau
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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