Feb 2009: Testimony received from meetings in DE, NJ, MD, where there was much deliverance and healing, including terminal diabetes:

I have a testimony that I would like to share with the world because I know that most can relate to what I had to endure as a little girl…not becoming the woman God created me to be because of the negative worlds spoken over my life by not only others, but myself! Rafi and his wife Carol were at our church for about 3 days and I tell you the power of the Lord Jesus really operated through those willing vessels of Yeshua. I went through life thinking I had gotten over being told I was nothing. The Revelation God gave caused me to really see things about myself and allow God to just clean me from all the junk that cluttered me for 43 years. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! I feel like I dropped 50 POUNDS!

– Anonymous

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