May 20, 2010

Rafi himself recently experienced a dramatic healing. Last year he noticed his vision in one eye deteriorating quickly. Also the colors were getting darker and darker with a round blind spot in the middle. The change took place over a 3-week period and was alarming. The deterioration was so rapid he needed new eye glasses and still could not see well in one eye. The doctor suggested an MRI. Rafi declined and prayed for a gift to minister healing to eyes, and we asked for that to be applied to his own eyes. During the past several weeks his vision has improved, so much that the glasses he has cause very blurred vision. He went back to the eye specialist who examined his eyes. The doctor said that he had never see anything like this…a condition like Rafi’s turn around…it must be a miracle. Rafi’s eyes are now BETTER THAN 20-20 and better than before the problem arose!

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