Feb. 12, 2011

Our God loves animals! Last week in the park Dr. Carol met a woman with an older golden retriever dog that was very sluggish and had trouble walking. The owner was very sad: she had just come from the vet who had said the dog “Madison” should be put down due to liver failure. There was nothing more to be done for her and there was too much suffering. The owner did not have the heart to act just then, and instead took her dog to a favorite spot at the park, where she met Dr. Carol, who asked if she could pray for healing for Madison and laid hands on the dog in Jesus’ Name. Today she meet Madison with her owners at the same park and it is as if she is a new dog! She is frisky! The owners rejoice as they tell me the dog was totally healed of the liver problem and it is documented in the vet’s tests; there is no need to put her down. The owners say she is more energetic than even before the liver problem set in. PRAISE THE LORD.

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